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Eyemouth Living is an online hub celebrating all that’s best about living in Eyemouth and the Scottish Borders. Whether you live or work here, or are visiting the area, you’ll find lots of insider tips about where to eat, shop, and explore, as well as news and stories about what’s happening in the Eyemouth area.

The beautiful town of Eyemouth lies five miles north of the border with England and has a beautiful natural coastline with a fantastic harbour.  Eyemouth has an incredibly rich history for fishing that dates as far back as the 13th century and even today fishing is still hugely popular.

Aside from the ever popular fishing industry Eyemouth also has many other great attractions including its incredibly beautiful harbour which makes for excellent walks and cycles along the coastline. The beautiful harbour of Eyemouth also enables people to go diving and above and below the sea holds many fantastic characteristics. Eyemouth is abundant with wildlife, birdlife, and sea-life.  Take a walk along the harbour and you may catch site of one of the many seals that come right up to the harbour walls.

Eyemouth has an 18 hole Championship Golf Course that allows for a brilliant game of golf.

The Eyemouth Food Festival features many delicious shops promoting their food, it is well worth a visit and even better to taste!

Eyemouth boasts some fantastic hospitality which includes many brilliant bars and restaurants that allow for a peaceful and delightful dining experiences.

Eyemouth is a wonderful seaside town with much to do and some fantastic attractions.

Take a look at what we’re proud of in this beautiful Borders town, and send us news about the places and people you want to shout about.

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The Herring Queen Festival Week

Eyemouth is a scenic harbour town full of history and tradition. The annual Eyemouth Herring Queen festival week takes place in July every year. This is a week not to be missed.

This festival originates from the Peace Picnic or Fisherman’s Picnic, the first of which was to celebrate the end of the First World War 1914 – 1918. This festival became an annual event and a local holiday for the fishermen of Eyemouth.

The Outdoors

Eyemouth has tranquil outdoor spaces running along the coast to explore and enjoy. There are many local walking and cycling trails. The area boasts some of the most stunning and spectacular scenery within the Scottish Borders to enjoy.

Exploring the Scottish Borders Region

Eyemouth is located just off the A1 running from Berwick upon Tweed and the Northeast of England to Edinburgh. There are many Scottish Borders towns within easy reach from Eyemouth such as Duns and Coldstream. Closer to the town are the villages of Coldingham, St Abbs, Burnmouth and Chirnside.

The Four Abbeys of the Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders has four magnificent ruined abbeys to explore. These are located in Melrose (38 miles), Dryburgh (39 miles), Kelso (31 miles) and Jedburgh (41 miles). All are located within the central part of the Scottish Borders. More information on the abbeys can be found under the tourism section.



Visiting Edinburgh

If you’re looking to visit the capital to explore, watch a show or to see the world-renowned Edinburgh Military Tattoo then Eyemouth is only 51 miles from Edinburgh and can be easily reached in just over an hour via the A1. The closest train station to Eyemouth going north to Edinburgh is at Dunbar (24 miles) where you can pick trains up to and from Edinburgh.



We’re proud of Eyemouth and everything it has to offer, take a look at this beautiful Borders coastal town.

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